Franchise – North England

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We are delighted to welcome on board a new franchisee. will be launched over the next few weeks. This allows us to cover the northern part of the United Kingdom in more depth. Already having which is proving to be an important part of the Debt Recovery Partners team. Our latest franchisee will although collect in the UK but will specialize in Indian and Pakistan collections. Both here in the UK and in those countries.

No Holiday for debt

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It’s the holiday season but debt is not taking one this year. isn’t having any time off this Summer. As a rule business slows a little over the holiday period. However July was another successful month of recovery, collecting a number of large overdue debts. Our No Win No Fee process continues to be popular and our International division accounted for 50% of collections with a noticable increase in Italy and the UAE, particularly Dubai.

Just a pointer for anyone considering using or any debt recovery agency. Collections don’t happen overnight. Yes, the process can be quick on occasions but on the whole the very nature of what we deal with requires time to be given to the whole process. If court proceedings have begun, it takes time for the case to be prepared and issured by the Court. Most County Court matters are now dealt with via the bulk clearing centre in Salford, Manchester and unfortunately they are overloaded with so many cases that they are working 2/3 weeks behind schedule.

‘Firm but Fair’

Posted in Reasons to hire professionals for debt collection on July 26th, 2012 by Chris

If a company can do a great job, it is amazing how often it pays off in return business. We often ask the question where does business come from? Yes the search engines are a great tool and we look to them for the majority of our leads. However as CEO I’m delighted to report the increase of returning customers because we did a great job first time round. When a customer first approaches its not always easy to gain their trust. Our motto for want of a better word is ‘firm but fair’. That is how we treat our clients debtors. We are there to always do a deal for our client.

What we have found in recent times which I have to say is somewhat disappointing is the would be customer who thinks he can take us for a ride. He wants to commit but then chops and changes his mind. I’ve appointed you but hold off, they might pay tomorrow, the next day…………never. Oh they have paid, surely we don’t have to pay you? Oh yes we instructed you but then they paid….its a fine line. The answer is simple once instructed our percentage is due!

Its not personal its business, straight forward, as you would want us to be with your debtors. Companies that treat you as there bank need dealing with in a positive straight forward manner. What is the point in messing around giving more and more time to companies that in reality have no intention of paying you. We take the same approach with our clients who mess us around.

‘Firm but Fair’

Debt Recovery Franchise

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We are delighted to acknowledge the recent achievements of a number of our franchisees. After a difficult start is turning in some very respectable collection figures, well done Edward. remains the leader of the pack and as usual returns another solid month.

July and August can often be difficult times in many business’s as it is the holiday season. However it would seem debt is not taking a holiday this year as collections are continuing to climb and month on month record figures are being achieved. has again achieved successful collections from the UAE and surrounding areas. International enquiries remain very good increasing month on month in particular we have noticed a sharp increase with Italian non-payers. Fortunately we have two excellent colleagues located in the north and south of the country who have both helped tremendously in getting money in for our clients here in the UK.

Continued Success

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After another successful month in the debt collection industry. Debt Recovery continues to expand its activity on a global scale. With our highly competitive rates of commission which start from 8% for debts in the United Kingdom and starting from 12% for overseas collections. We are from choice a No Win No Fee debt collection company. We do not charge up front administration fees like many of our competitors. We do however charge legal fees should the debt require the intervention of the legal system in order to recover the outstanding monies. No legal action is ever taken without the authority of our client.

International Debt

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International Debt collection and recovery is never easy. However in recent times we have had major success across the globe with recoveries being made in Dubai and Egypt areas that as a rule are notoriously difficult to recover from. In Dubai the collection process took 12 weeks and returned to our client in excess of £102,000. The Egyptian collection was dealt with in a much shorter space of time and recovered in excess of £30,000.

Process Serving

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Debt Recovery and Collection can be an interesting business and at times long winded especially when entering into the court process. To give an example of the type of work undertaken by Debt Recovery. Yesterday an Account Manager attempted to serve a Bankruptcy Petition on a very devious debtor, who had tried all sorts of tricks to avoid service. A day was spent looking for the debtor but to no avail. However at Debt Recovery we don’t let go and although a 6am start was required, finally our debtor was thwarted and ‘service’ was made good at 9am this morning………….Bankruptcy will follow in early June, watch this space for an update.

What you can do when a debtor is avoiding being served a demand

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In most cases you should be able to serve a statutory demand on the debtor without any real issues, but this blog post will cover what to do when the other party is avoiding service.

To this end, there are a couple of things you could do to try and solve the problem.

The first piece of advice would be to put the letter through their letterbox yourself, or send it by first class post. If you did end up doing it yourself, and the person is later presented with a petition for bankruptcy, a certificate of service will need to be presented.

In addition to this, the certificate will need to be verified by a statement of truth. You will be required to outline what actions were taken to serve the demand and the manner in which it was served, as well as detailing the date you believe it was received.

The statutory demand can also be advertised in a newspaper publication. However, for this to be done in the proper manner, the money needs to be owed under an order or judgement of court, while you also need to be as certain as possible that the debtor is avoiding service. In addition to this, you need to believe that the money owed to you will not be recoverable through enforcement of the court order.

Not Easy

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In the world of Debt Recovery and Debt Collection, more often than not the recovery action doesn’t always go to plan. It is the nature of the beast. The collection industry is full of untruths and broken promises. At Debt Recovery we attempt to broker deals that suit all parties and get debts paid.
In many cases we are at the mercy of the Court systems here in the UK and overseas. Due to the econimic down turn they cannot cope.

How is a statutory demand actually served? (Part 2)

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As we have been discussing, there is no standard way of serving a statutory demand, due to the fact it varies according to the type of debtor involved. We will now look at serving these formal written requests to businesses.

Should the debtor be a registered limited company, the statutory demand can be delivered to the registered office of the business, or sent via registered post.
Once the Post Office Receipt has been signed, this is seen as the company acknowledging the demand and it being deemed properly served.

When it is an unregistered limited company that owes you this money, the formal request can be served by taking it to their main place of business, have it delivered to the principal officer or company secretary. Alternatively you may need to serve it in a different way as approved or directed by the court.

For more details on this, as well as other debt collection methods, you can speak to your appointed debt recovery agency, as well as checking out the Business Link website to fully understand the process and what it involves. This is because it is necessary to ensure the demand is served in the correct manner.